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Marathon Trip With Our Iran PVA Client

Date : September. 09 2022|Announcer : admin

The customer is an Iranian trader who has a good cooperative relationship with Wanwei factory and is looking for pva2488 with anti-foaming agent


In 22th May, he got the contact information of the customer from Wanwei, sent an email and WhatsApp information, and got a reply on the next day


The customer was anxious to issue the PI. We confirmed the product details with the customer as soon as possible and arranged the factory production. The customer expressed great satisfaction and thanked us for our full support


However, lucky is never free. I waited for Iran’s reply all the way. One month later… The customer was still waiting for the local government and the bank to confirm the PI information. After that, the local government rejected it, saying that the registration information was inconsistent with the PI information, and then revised it and sent it to the customer again. This time, it finally went through the process normally.


Everything is progressing smoothly.


Unfinished to be continued.


The attached figure is a brief thanks letter from the customer.